What do an old man who can no longer afford his groceries, a single mother who no longer has money for toys and a hungry child in Africa have in common? Correct. Everyone could use a little help. And this is where Spendora comes in. Our app allows those seeking help to upload a short video of themselves to tell their story and say what they need your help for. You can then swipe through the countless videos and donate a coin if the story inspires you. A coin might not be much. But overall, it can change lives. Become part of the Spendora community today and download the app.

Help Others

Swipe through thousands of videos of real people who needs help and decide by your own if you want to support them or not.

Get Help

If you are in a position where you need help just upload a short video with your story and start collecting real money.

Easy Payment

You can buy coins to help others quick and easy with In-App-Purchases by the Google and Apple payment systems directly within the application.

Transparent Prices

We pass almost 100% of your donation. We only deduct the fees for the Apple/Google payment systems and a minimal percentage to keep the IT infrastructure and administration alive.

Get the app now!